Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 NVG Goggle kit

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At the heart of the GS 1x20 goggles is a unique combination of specially designed R-contact optics and Gen Super/CF-Super image intensifier tubes which provide edge-to-edge resolution performance unparalleled in a budget consumer night vision product.

This product comes with a light, adjustable headmount for hands-free use. The distinct advantage of the binocular format is that both eyes are focused on what is being observed, avoiding the eyestrain that can result from using monocular devices for extended time periods.

The compact housing, manufactured in metal and glass reinforced plastic, ensures high durability and reliability. Supplied with a detachable headmount giving the option for hands free operation or hand held use.

The Edge NVG is operated by two buttons – one for on/off and another to activate the integrated IR illuminator. There is also an IR illuminator brightness dial.

This model has an energy conserving wide-angled short range IR illuminator and can be fitted with optional higher power IR illuminators for use over long distances when the device is hand-held.


Technical Specification


Field of View:
  • 40 Degrees
  • X1
Tube Classification:
  • Gen 1+

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