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Night Vision Monoculars

A selection of quality Nightvision Monoculars from Yukon, Pulsar. These are the most cost effective hand held option as you have just a single tube and eyepiece rather than 2.

£1,869.95 £1,421.25 (£1,705.50 inc VAT)
X1, Gen 2+

The Cobra Optics Demon is a rugged and lightweight night vision monocular.


£1,629.95 £1,290.38 (£1,548.46 inc VAT)
X1, Gen 2+

The Cobra Optics Titan is identical to the Demon other than the size of the fitted image intensifier tubes. They’re both rugged and lightweight night vision monoculars.


£1,229.95 £973.71 (£1,168.45 inc VAT)
X2.7, Gen Digital

The Forward DFA75 is a digital night vision device designed for fast and easy conversion of a day scope into a digital night vision scope. To install the Forward DFA75 onto the front optical bell of a day telescopic sight, specially designed Cover Ring Adaptors (bought separately), are used. The Forward DFA75 will fit most day scopes.


£1,149.95 £910.38 (£1,092.46 inc VAT)
X3, Gen 2+

Yukon Advanced Optics NVMT Spartan G2+ 3x50


£469.95 £372.04 (£446.45 inc VAT)
X1, Gen 1

The Cobra Optics Merlin EX™ offers a high grade Gen 1 image intensifier tube in a compact, lightweight and partially rubber armoured bodyshell.


£345.00 (£414.00 inc VAT)
6.5 - 13X, Gen Digital
The long standing Ranger 6.5x42 Series is now available in an RT model. The Ranger RT 6.5x42 S includes Stream Vision technology for movie capture, remote control via Smartphone and many more features. It also has a MicroUSB port so it can be powered by the Yukon PB8i Power Bank (YU-29110) and a 2x digital zoom.

£345.00 (£414.00 inc VAT)
4.5 - 9x, Gen Digital

This digital NV monocular is designed with a lightweight and compact

black bodyshell. The Signal RT N320 features Stream Vision Technology,

which allows for live streaming and recording that can be carried out

using a smart phone or tablet.


£324.00 (£388.80 inc VAT)
X2.7, Gen 1

At the core of the Challenger GS line are specially designed R-contact optics and Gen Super/CF-Super image intensifier tubes which provide edge-to-edge resolution performance unparalleled in a budget consumer night vision product.


£259.95 £229.99 (£275.99 inc VAT)
X3, Gen 1

Yukon Advanced Optics Exelon 3x50


£229.95 £182.04 (£218.45 inc VAT)
X5, Gen 1

Yukon Advanced Optics NV 5x60 Monocular


£219.95 £172.46 (£206.95 inc VAT)
X4, Gen 1

Yukon Advanced Optics NVMT Spartan 4x50 Monocular