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Night Vision Binoculars

A selection of quality Nightvision Binoculars from a range of manufacturers

£3,249.95 £2,572.88 (£3,087.46 inc VAT)
3.2X, Gen 2+

The Aurora 80™ is the only Gen 2+ binocular in the Cobra Optics binocular range. It offers performance matched Russian Gen 2+ image intensifier tubes in a compact, lightweight and rugged all-metal bodyshell.


£819.95 £649.13 (£778.96 inc VAT)
X5, Gen 1

Latest addition to the Cobra Optics night vision binocular line-up is this high magnification, rubber armoured, all metal bodyshell Gen 1 binocular utilizing two high grade Gen 1 tubes.


£599.95 £474.96 (£569.95 inc VAT)
X4, Gen 1

An ultra-compact and lightweight night vision binocular, utilising a rugged all-metal bodyshell. The Cobra Optics Nebula Pro 80™ uses two high grade Gen 1 tubes and gives 4.0x magnification by using two 80mm f1.6 lenses with a 12° field of view.


£469.95 £368.29 (£441.95 inc VAT)
X3, Gen 1

Yukon Advanced Optics Tracker 3x42 Binocular