Guide B256V Handheld Thermal Imager

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Product Description

The B256V is a portable thermal imaging cameras designed to detect temperature output for electrical installations, HVAC systems, buildings, etc. Has a 256x192 12µm <50mK thermal sensor with a 640x480 visible camera; this fusion creates a clearer image with improved edge definition and detail, allowing the user to better identify faults.

  • 160 × 120 resolution
  • Thermographic accuracy up to ±0.5 °C
  • 320 × 240 resolution 2.4’’ LCD display
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Up to 8 hours continuous running

Device detects the real-time temperature, and display it on the screen.
Device is equipped with replaceable memory card to store recorded captured snapshots, and important data.
Device supports 4 palettes.




  • Thermal Camera: 256x192 12µm <50mK
  • Visible Camera Resolution: 640x480 (Auto)
  • Field of View: 35°x26°
  • Focal Length: 5mm/F1.2
  • Min. Focus Distance: 1m
  • Focus: Focus-Free
  • Display: 320x240 LCD
  • Digital Zoom: 2x-4x
  • Calibration Modes: Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual
  • Temperature Range: -20℃ to 150℃, 100℃ to 650℃ (auto switching)
  • Memory: 16GB (Removable)
  • Image Format: JPG with temp. info
  • Ports: USB
  • WIFI: Yes (For DATA transfer & camera control)
  • Protection: IP43
  • Drop Tested: 1m
  • Weight: 740g
  • 258x98x90mm


  • Friendly user-interface
  • Removable battery
  • 4 hour operation time
  • 3.5" large view screen
  • Rugged, ergonomic body
  • Internal metal construction
  • On-Board Tools: Spot meter, auto-tracking, temp area min/max alarms
  • Multiple Colour Palettes: White hot, iron red, hot iron, artic, rainbow 1, rainbow 2


SD card slot:
Tube Classification:
  • Thermal

installation guide (install_guide_handheld_thermal_camera_no_blackbody_available_.pdf, 914 Kb) [Download]

Datasheet (ds-2tp31b-3auf_spec.pdf, 987 Kb) [Download]

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