EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station + 2x 400W Solar Panel

Huge 3600W AC Output, Solar Generator For Home Backup, Travel, Outdoor Camping
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Colossal capacity DELTA Pro harnesses a staggering 3.6kWh capacity

Power almost anything When it comes to AC output DELTA Pro is the industry leader. With 3600W, it’s easy to power heavy-duty appliances from microwaves to AC units. 

An intelligent ecosystem DELTA Pro is more than just a backup power supply. It’s an expandable ecosystem that can integrate extra batteries, smart generators and the Smart Home Panel, giving you more power options than ever before. Control it all in a few taps with the EcoFlow app.

Unparalleled charging speeds Enjoy the versatility of DELTA Pro with FlowCharge. With 6 different charging options from renewable energy sources to traditional wall outlets, you can charge anywhere, any time. It’s the first of its kind that can be charged from an EV station, and thanks to MultiCharge you can combine charging options to reach a 6500W charge.

A smarter home The beating heart of the DELTA Pro ecosystem is the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. It acts as an intermediary between your DELTA Pro(s) and up to 10 home circuits. In the event of a blackout, the panel automatically draws power (up to 25kWh) from your DELTA Pro ecosystem. This keeps all of your chosen circuits powered, giving you the ideal home backup plan.



EcoFlow DELTA Pro Multi-language User Manual (EcoFlow_DELTA_Pro_Multi-language_User_Manual.pdf, 15,225 Kb) [Download]